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"Cute" doesn't begin to describe these adorable pineapple treat boxes! Help me find the right word to describe this diy! Pineapples are just so summertime. And even though summer is officially over (and has been), I still think that there's room for some beachy citrus in my not-quite-cold Chicago life-before-marriage. <3

Supplies Needed:

green cardstock
yellow paint
foam brush
chalk marker or white paint pen
craft knife
oval paper mache boxes
1. Paint the paper mache box with yellow paint. Use 3-4 coats. Or paint a base coat of white and then yellow.
2. Once the paint has dried, use the marker to draw on the lid of the box as shown.
3. Use the craft knife to cut a small slit in the lid
4. Cut the green cardstock in the shape of the pineapple topper. Freehand this is easy.
5. Insert the topper into the slit and you’re done!
Be sure to fill these cute boxes with treats and goodies. I think my two younger cousins are going to love this project. It's also a great way to keep summer around just a bit longer than expected!
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