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Your first kiss is supposed to be memorable.

In most cases, your first case is with someone you have feelings for. It's meant to be heart felt and a moment you probably won't ever forget -- at least for most. While some share their first kiss during recess in grade school or at a dance in high school, others share theirs in front of a camera man on a set. You guessed it. I am referring to celebrities who had their first kiss on the big screen. Can you imagine?
Talk about awkward. Well, I guess money talks -- so anything is possible. Just wait until you see the list of celebrities who had their first smooch on screen. Keep scrolling, I know the suspicion is killing you inside.

Keke Palmer In Disney Movie Jump In!

Keke Palmer shared her first kiss with actor Corbin Bleu in Disney movie, Jump In!. She told Access Hollywood Live, "I was very, very nervous. I was like, 'Oh my gosh, this is the first person I am kissing outside of my family. It was real scary for me." Not only was she nervous, but the character she was playing was just as nervous about locking lips. Talk about playing the perfect role [see here].

Selena Gomez On The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody

If you ever watched The Suite Life Of Zack & Cody, than you know how young those two boys looked, even when they hit their teens. Well, their young looks didn't stop Selena Gomez from locking lips for the first time ever with Dylan Sprouse while starring on an episode [see here].

Kirsten Dunst In Interview With The Vampire

Talk about kissing Brad Pitt. Anyone would be filled with butterflies. Unfortunately, at the tender age of eleven, Kirsten Dunst felt otherwise after kissing the celebrity hunk in Interview With The Vampire [see here]. Dunst says, "I thought it was disgusting".

Mila Kunis On That 70's Show

Isn't it amazing how the world works. Mila Kunis probably never knew when she had her first kiss with Ashton Kutcher [see here], that he would later be her fiancé. Funny thing is, at the time Ashton had no clue that he was Mila's first kiss. He says in an 2001 interview, "I was so nervous. She acted so cool. She seemed as if she'd done it a thousand times. I was the one with the butterflies in my stomach. I mean, here's this little girl and I have to kiss her. It was nerve-racking."

Macaulay Culkin In My Girl

Of all people, Macaulay Culkin shared his first kiss on set with Anna Chlumsky in My Girl [see here]. According to the 11-year old star at the time, he wasn't much of a fan. He said, "Yeeeccchhhk. It was like, fifteen takes. All angles. Yeeecchhhkkk." Turns out the on screen kiss won them The Best Kiss Award at the 1991 MTV Movie Awards. Who even knew that was an award?

Do you remember your first kiss?

@jordanhamilton it probably was, you're right. but like, it's a crime for him to do it in any other context, more or less.
exactly! I always sensed a chemistry between the two of them, but I never thought it would go too far. @mchlyang
I only recently watched Interview with the Vapire for the first time, and the kiss scene was weird to me. I guess it made sense in the context of the show, but it must have been wildly uncomforatable for Brad Pitt to kiss a literal child.
The Mila Kunis episode is amazing.......who would've thought, right?
i definitely agree. a crime indeed. super creepy @VinMcCarthy
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