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If you're a tote bag-a-holic like me, then you are going to gush over this super sparkly, high-dimension rhinestone diy tote project! I think you're going to like this one @allischaaff. Thanks for your comment on my previous card, here.

Supplies Needed:

A canvas tote
Acrylic Paint in Beach Glass
Jewel It Glue
a paintbrush
gobs and gobs of jewelry-quality flat-back faceted rhinestones
bottle of fabric medium
1. Mix one part fabric medium with one part acrylic paint and paint a messy rectangle on the front of the tote. I like the messy edges, but if you want yours a bit neater then you can tape off the edges.
2. Apply dots of glue directly onto the fabric tote and place rhinestones on top.
3. Keep piling on the rhinestones until you have a layer covering the front. Then you can strategically place a few extra rhinestones on top of the layer to add a little dimension.
Tote bags. Sparkles. Fabric paint. This is the stuff that makes me happy. If it makes you happy too, I'd love to hear from you. If you have other cool ideas for tote bags, please share them with me! I could go nuts with all the tote bag projects I could do!
<3 <3 <3
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Ahhh so right @DaniaChicago!! I love this tote :) so gorgeous, chic, and easy to make!!
Anything that sparkles is just that much better IMO @allischaaff