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this move in super juniors sexy free and single music video is definitely one of my favorites(let me know what your favorite music video move, is in the comments)
I like the chorus dance in the song ah ah by teentop
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I can't pick just one dance move from SJ, they are my ultimate group so I love all their moves, but it's the hip thrusts in EXO's call me baby
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the whole eoeo choreography both versions are good but the dance practice is definitely the death of me
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Infinite's scorpion dance in BTD and just the whole choreo. LOVE Infinite, such great synchronization and moves. One of my new favs is History's choreography for I Might Just Die. That one jump/twist/fall move is awesome and they worked so hard to nail it. Please go watch the mv and practice videos if you haven't yet and you'll see what I mean. History is so underrated.
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scorpion dancw for sure but i also like the dance for Good boy by BB amd Last Romeo by Infinite
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