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Hi I am new to this app and wanted to know if any one can recomend me some more k-dramas
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Bride of the Century is sooo good. I've also seen and recommend Gu Family Book, Scholar Who Walks The Night, You're All Surrounded and I Remember You. By far my favorites right now and I'm super picky.
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dream high heartstrings you're beautiful playful kiss modern farmer & heirs
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Welcome to Vingle!😊 My first Kdrama was Boys over Flowers and it still remains one of my favorites. I would recommend "Playful Kiss" because Kim Hyun Joong (Ji Hoo)is also in it. Another must watch is "You're Beautiful" and "It's Okay It's Love"
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Hi hi~ ☺️ welcome and I don't really have anything to suggest that's hasn't already been stated
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I love this XD
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