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I'm not gonna lie--I LOVE HALLOWEEN! And this particular Halloween Countdown is painfully easy to make in just a couple hours (or less)! How you choose to decorate the entry way of your home for the spooky season, is entirely up to you. However, my suggestion is to do what you see in the picture here, by I Heart Naptime. They stacked some old books, pumpkins, bones and black birds.

Supplies Needed:

(8) – 5.5″ X 6′ wood fence posts (cut to 2.5′ long- by the nice guy at Home Depot)
(2) – 2″ x 2″ x 8’ pieces of wood cut to 7′
1.5″ nails
paint (white, black, yellow, orange)
paint brushes
about 10 pieces of card stock
2 pieces of cute paper
2 little clip boards
You will start by laying out your 7' boards about 1.5 feet apart. These should be parallel and straight so that you can nail the small boards onto the long 7' pieces.
1. Using 4 nails per board, begin to nail them into the 7' pieces.
2. Once the boards are secure, it's time to distress it. You can do this with a rubber hammer or painting effects.
3. After, you can white wash it. The best ratio is 1:1 paint to water. Paint on the wash like you would normally and then let it dry.
4. Print out and cut your letter silhouettes.
5. Tape them on the board and apply paint with a sponge brush. Avoid spray paint because of the over spray, unless that is the look you want.
6. Paint the candy corns on and then gently sand them after they are dry to give it a cute distressed look.
7. Hang the two clip boards onto two nails.
8. Print letters 1-3 and 0-9 onto distressed craft paper.
9. Time to paint on spiders and any other spooky graphic that you think would look great on this.
My advice for those looking to decorate for the spooky season is to GO ALL OUT and have fun with it. I prefer the diy approach to halloween than store-bought freak-show stuff. But whatever you decide to do, just have fun!
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