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I've written about the September call-ups before. The Mets now have 38 players on their active roster, and manager Terry Collins is having tons of fun with all the players he's got around.
Here's the boxscore from Monday's 4-3 win over Miami.

You'll notice that it is extremely long.

Terry is pinch hitting, pinch running, using situational relievers, you name it. He's got tons of players, and he's using each one of them for exactly what they're good at. No more, no less.
On Monday, the Mets sent 11 different players to the plate.

They used a total of 15 position players during the game.

Speedster Eric Young Jr. came into the game to pinch run, scored a run and was immediately removed. That's what he's here for - he's not a good hitter, and Terry knows that he has better defensive outfielders, too - but EYJ is the fastest player on the roster, and when Terry needs a run, this guy's coming into the game.
There are lefty specialists (Alvarez, Gilmartin); there are righty specialists (Robles). There's a seventh-inning guy (Reed), an eighth-inning guy (Clippard) and a lights-out closer (Familia). There are left-handed bats off the bench (Conforto, Johnson); there are right-handed bats off the bench (Uribe, Flores, Cuddyer, Lagares). There are pinch runners (Young Jr.) and defensive specialists (Lagares, Tejada).

This team is littered with role-players and, right now, each one is doing exactly what is asked of him.

But it's all up to the manager to make it all come together. And Collins is doing that; the lineup card from Monday's game shows that he is plugging in the right players at the right times to give the Mets the best shot at winning.

If that's not Manager of the Year worthy, I don't know what is.

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