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Made for @MinionPeach17 or any new people who want to know how to tell members apart.
Rap mon: aka leader Rap mom has big lips and his hair is not really like the others also he is the tallest of the group and you can tell!!
Jhope has a thinner face , but his check bones are higher than the other members and his nose is longer too (not a bad thing)!!! And his eyes are huge!!! Love them!
Kookie: has a baby face yet somehow he looks like he can be tough at the same time if that makes since.
Jin is really tall with some really broad shoulders I mean he's ripped!!! And hes hot lol ;)
Suga has a smaller body type and I'm not just talking about height , he looks smaller but he has swag lol
Omg and Jimin has some nice ass legs They are thick and his calves yasss !! Lol sorry to be pervy there
V has a pretty boy face , his face is nice (he does has some ears on him though!!) he is pretty slender too. Also his eyes are so dark it's beautiful
that's great... I'll use this great info... thank you! °3°
@MinionPeach17 I hope it helps!!
lol I love jimins description butbits soo true with jimin pervy thoughts just fly out haha
@Marilovexoxo I'm not going to lie almost all of them pervy things fly out I just feel bad afterwards lol