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ok i recently very recently started listening to bts... and i LOVE them X) would anyone recommend any other songs because so far everything iv listen to i loved. iv listen to a couple more than this. i haven't yet disided who my bias is in bts, but i will XP
Listen to all of their songs, you won't regret it. I'm afraid I'll give you a long list of their songs that turn out to be all of their songs. Perhaps you can subscribe to their Youtube channel (BANGTANTV) and watch the bangtan bomb. Those hilarious and crazy moments of BTS may help you in choosing your bias. I warn you, it's hard to choose. My bias is Taehyung/ V. And if you don't understand Korean language that well (like me), you can always go to Bangtan Subs channel.
@katiems no ill look it up ^-^ @KpopGaby I am ^-^ so amazing
Bulletproof Pt. 1 & 2, For You (only available in Japanese but it's a good song), 95 Graduation (Pre-debut song), Beautiful, Lovers High.
my first song by bts was hold me tight. its such a good song
@KatieRussell Welcome to the club ^^ lol
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