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It's been a while I know. You worked so hard for that bikini body and then things got in the way. Life got in the way. You feel your body soften, the stairs are more staggering, your nights wasted away on the couch or sitting at the same bar you've been living in all summer. It was so hard to find time to work out, yet it was so easy to give up. But your body is begging for movement. The cool breeze of early fall is coming through the window, and the sun is still fighting to stay out just a bit longer. Dig your sneakers out of the closet, put on socks for the first time in 2 months, and throw on some shorts and a zip up hoodie.
Start out slow. Walk to your favorite running spot and feel the crispness of fall wash the muggy days of summer off of your skin. Breathe deep for the first time in months and stretch the limbs that have done nothing but drink and indulge and lounge, devoid of movement during the hot weather. Roll your neck from side to side and take in the first few leaves changing right before your eyes, a reminder that nature has found a way to make even death beautiful. And take your first stride.
Start running, and chase the breeze that is keeping your skin cool while your breathing heats up. You're legs are getting tight, your body not use to the movement but pushing yourself to continue; you long the feeling of utter exhaustion. Each minute ticks by, and your breathing is becoming shallow, your strides are slowing and your heart seems to be making your chest ache. But you push through, egged on by the wind and the leaves and the feeling of routine.

A restart that summer just can't give you.

You wake up the next morning and walking isn't as easy as muscles scream and hot shower stretches are required. Muscles won't calm down until you run again. You feel better then you have in months.

I never much liked running before, but when the Fall breeze calls, I answer it.

@lizarnone Love falling while golfing :)))
Yes I love running outside in this weather!!!!