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So apparently you can share your playlist!! WHO KNEW!! Lol so for all those that have that option share your playlist with everyone!! Cause I sure am!!
Alrighty since I shared mine you gotta share your!!! Have fun sharing! I look forward to listening to everyone's playlist!! @EllieDean @ErinGregory @kpopandkimichi @PassTheSuga @amazingangelini @allischaaff @JessicaChaney @danidee @B2utyrisa @AmandaHume @VixenViVi @jordanhamilton @IzzyPanda @KpopGaby @poojas @NicoleGrottkau @DetkaN @amobigbang
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GD, BigBang, BTS, BAP, Henry, Amber, f(x), and FT Island
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Awwwesoommmee!!! I'm going to recreate your playlist in my Spotify :D I'll finalize my K-Pop playlist soon and send it to you!!
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks for tagging me @LaurenAntoine :) @JessicaChaney That's a great group haha, I've never listened to FT Island before!
2 years ago·Reply
I saw the picture and tried to press play....
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Mine just consists of Bigbang, Trouble Maker, BTS, GOT7, BAP, EXO, SHINee, and Super Junior.
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