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The Thigh Gap, The Protruding Collar Bone, The Kardashian Booty, The Hour Glass Figure, Thinspo, and now @alywoah has pointed out in her new card (go check it out now its awesome!) a brand new trend, the ThighBrow. The thighbrow is the crease in your thighs that can be seen in a high cut bathing suit. And all I can say is What. The. Fuck.
All of these body trends are absolutely ridiculous and I demand to know what person is scrutinizing and cropping women's bodies so that they can focus on these very specific (and very weird) body parts. The thigh gap made thousands of girls world wide obsess over what they were eating and working out in order to achieve something that usually occurs based on someones bone structure. The collarbone fad again left girls not feeling skinny enough to be beautiful and the Kardashian booty has made 30 day squat challenges (that do nothing if that is the only workout the girls do) explode all over social media. Whatever the body trend is, and trust me there are so many, all they do is focus on a small section of the body for girls to feel insecure about. As if girls don't already have enough to hate about their body, now fad body trends are pin pointing obscure body parts just to further point out whats "wrong" with peoples bodies. And it is total bullshit.
Honestly, the only body trend people should be focusing on is Accepting AND Loving your body!

Beauty comes in many different forms and it isn't a physical thing.

You can have a beautiful sense of humor. You can have drop dead gorgeous eyes, or a voice that sounds like melted chocolate. You can have a mind that bursts with color and creativity, limbs that can move to music better then anyone in the world. You can have legs that have carried you across the world and back again, or a stomach with the battle scars of carrying human life. You can have a smile that makes anyone feel captivated, and an attitude that spills confidences, kindness, and acceptance. I mean really, who needs mindless puzzle pieced body parts, (as @buddyesd phrased it), when you have all that beauty radiating from you?
@lizarnone You can't just work on one part of your body. You always need to think of it as a whole in order to be truly happy. Important to love yourself and who you are
This is an amazing card! And I agree with @QueenWitch! Everyone should learn to love oneself first!