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My drawing is as messed up as my bias list. Bsnsnsks My random drawings. Sometimes i wish I understood if they were supposed to represent something, like how I was feeling at the moment. Oh well, I guess I shall never know... @poojas @aimeeH @vixenvivi @b1a4bts5ever @netchtibates @stephanieduong @szewwy @kpopandkimchi @b2utyrisa @sharayahtodd @sugajin94 @reddviolet @eringregory @emealia @katiems @baileykayleen @adorkabledolly @devonarce @solodaywithb1a4 @caitlind9898 @passthesuga @trollied @starbabes @yehet27 @laugh7love7live @kpopgaby @xinnim @robertakm64 @prettieeEmm @parkmeifan @marilovexoxo @taticee
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@cindystran @B1A4BTS5ever @KpopGaby @StephanieDuong @B2utyrisa @szewwy im so shocked...thanx? No really thanx i didnt expect it to look, like something...good
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@B2STANG88 HA awww no but its good
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Girl, you got mad drawing skills. I can barely draw a perfect stick figure!
2 years ago·Reply
beautiful! and this is just a doodle?
2 years ago·Reply
Ha!! Same and awww no i love your drawing
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