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1. Travel back to Joseon Era: Visiting the old palaces when staying in Seoul is probably something most of the tourist would do. Visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace and Changdeokgung Palace was all part of my To Do List. However, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to get closer to the feeling/ idea of how it was to live during the Korean Joseon Era. While doing some research, I found out that you can rent the Korean traditional Dress Hanbok for a day and then visit the palaces. The entrance fee for the palaces will be for free if you are wearing a Hanbok. Me and my boyfriend decided to wear a matching Hanbok while visiting the palaces. Wearing a Hanbok at the palace brings another feeling, it feels like you have travelled back in time and it brings you closer to the Korean culture/history. This is something fun a couple can do together but also friends. I do not really remember the name of the place we where we rented the Hanbok. However, I do know that there are a lot of places. Just ask a tourist office for more info.
2. Lotte World: Lotte World is the worlds biggest indoor theme park. Lotte World is open all year long and it is divided in to section, the outdoor park called Magic Island and indoor Adventure. This theme park is really cute and the night parade is good too, so don't miss it! The entrance fee for Lotte World varies depending on the time that you wish to go. Admission is cheaper if you go after 4pm. For those of you who have watched the Korean Drama Stairway to Heaven may know the popular Carrousel that was featured in it. Lotte World is connected to the big mall Lotte Department Store so spending a whole day in Lotte would be perfect. Direction: Jamsil Station (Seoul Subway Line 2 & 8), Exit 4.
3. Biking along Hangang River/ Park: Hangang Park is popular place to hang out at. You will see a lot of young Koreans hanging out at the park. You can experience Hangang Park/ River by biking. There are around 12 bicycle rental kiosks inside the park and the prices are cheap. A single bike is 3000 won/ hour and a couple bike is 6000 won/ hour. The view at Hangang Park is beautiful but what I enjoyed the most was the escape I got from the crowded streets in the city. Rent a bike at the park and bike towards Banpo Bridge and enjoy the rainbow show at night. The last show is around 9pm. Take a rest at Banpo Bridge and call to order some food like other locals do. Order some delicious fried chicken and beer and just enjoy the view of the rainbow show.
4. Noreabang: Ok, you cannot leave Korea without visiting a Karaoke room! That's it. Your trip will not be completed. I am really bad at singing but singing in a private Karaoke room is just different, it is way more fun and you can have your own private party in there. Hongdae and Gangnam have some good Noreabang places. The prices varies, it all depends on how good the place is. Most of the Noreabang sales alcohol so if you don't like clubbing but want to have some fun and drink, then Noreabang it is.
5. Myeong-dong & Hongdae: I love shopping and Seoul is probably the best place to go shopping. I have been to China and Japan before. Two places that offers big shopping places, such as underground shopping. However, I liked shopping in Seoul better because of the good quality but cheap prices of the clothes. If you and your significant other want to spend a day shopping then I would definitely recommend Myeong-dong and Hongdae. These places has plenty of clothing, restaurants and coffee shops. You can be shopping all day long here and then get some rest at one of the many food places that these places has to offer. However, you can even be eating while you are shopping, since these places offer a lot of street food. I would probably go for shopping at Hongdae during the weekend because there are more things going around. There are a lot of street performances, you can see street art and so on. You can combine shopping with nightlife if you go to Hongdae.
Hands Down this has been the best card I've seen here on Vingle! Thanks!
@Emescia oh how nice that you will be going next year ! 😄 I hope you enjoy your stay!
Thank you ☺ I'm extra excited to visit next year
@allischaaff you should definitely try wearing a traditional korean dress if you ever visit Korea one day! I think you will look pretty! ^^