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30 Day Vixx Challenge... A Day with Vixx...Day 15

OMG if I got to spend a day with Vixx I'm not sure I would be able to do anything bc I would have died from the excitement of even thinking about it... but let's say I survived and spent a day with Vixx... I would want to go to the amusement park with them bc they seem like they had a good time

Of course I would be totally avoiding Ravi and Leo bc that's what I do when I'm around ppl I like

but all in all I would just want a fun day at the amusement park and that would be great just to get to see them having fun, which in turn would be fun for me

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YASSS hahaha that'd be so fun!!!! I'd want to make Hakyeon go on all the scary rides bc why not!!!!
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Lol exactly @byeolbit
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OMG i totally wrote my card before reading yours and i wanted to go to an amusement park too! let's go together LOL!!!
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I love Vixx anything we did would be a blast cuz 3 of them alone are super silly but we love them :)
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Yasssss @Kpopandkimchi all 8 of us can rock out at the amusement park, Yea they are super silly and you can't help but fall in love @kissofdeath316
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