Welcome back Vingle friends to another OSTuesday! Seems to be a common theme, but I have not seen the drama that the OST is from this week either. Strangely, even though I am doing a weekly card that centers around K-dramas, I haven't seen that many. I enjoy them a lot, but I get distracted easily and mainly rely on my sister to tell me the who and what about all the dramas she watches. But I started this card because I love music, and OST's are definitely something that I enjoy. Even outside of K-dramas, I always pay attention to soundtracks of films and shows, and often gravitate towards that kind of music anyway. So I'm sorry I don't know this drama too well, but I will make my sister talk about it. I DO, though, really love the song. I have listened to this song since the OST came out, and it is always on any playlist I make that has an intense emotional feel. SO, without further ado, OUR OST THIS WEEK IS NO OTHER THAN:
*not my video* *contains clips from Kill Me, Heal Me, so watch at your own spoilery risk* From the 2015 drama Kill Me, Heal Me (킬미, 힐미) comes my pick for this week: Auditory Hallucination by Jang Jae In, featuring NaShow. Jang Jae-In is a South Korean singer songwriter, notable for finishing third in the second season of Superstar K. Nashow is a South Korean rapper.
Kill Me, Heal Me is a rom-com mystery about a billionaire, Cha Do Hyun, who, through a traumatic event from his childhood, has his personality fractured into seven different identities, commonly known as Disassociative Identity Disorder. As he struggles to gain control over his life, a Psychiatric resident, Oh Ri Jin, secretly treats him. This drama stars Ji Sung, Hwang Jung Eum, Park Seo Joon, Oh Min Suk, and Kim Yoo Ri as the main cast. According to my sister and many things that I have read, Ji Sung deserves all the pats on the back and praise for his role and performance.
Alright, lets get into this OST now. I have not seen the drama, as mentioned before, but I think this song is just so good separated from the drama, I am assuming in addition to the feelings drama viewers get from their shows, it is just elevated to something truly great. My sister has said that this song played mostly in conjunction with extremely dramatic parts, like when our leading male Do Hyun is truly struggling with identity .She also said that the emotion of intensity of the song definitely added those feelings to the drama. The blend of the rapped verses by Nashow mixed with the wispy voiced chorus done by Jae In works flawlessly as the emotion comes through in both of their voices. I would like to point out that this song gained extreme popularity once it was released, and you can definitely see the influence it has had on OSTs later on in the year and even into this year, since the amount of OSTs that blend rap and singing started popping up much more frequently after this song was released. Some lines in the song that really resonated with me in correlation to the theme are certain verses from the rap such as: *translations done by sleeplessaliana's wordpress* "There are so many hidden things inside of me It made me change so much." "I want to escape from this pain that chains me down Someone wake me up From my soul that is filled with scars" "What controls me Isn’t what lives in me What can heal me isn’t strong medicine It’s just love" The chorus is about reaching out for someone that will ground them, and I think that is what Do Hyun is searching for and is having such a hard time holding onto since he struggles with remaining true to who he believes he is.
If you know the drama and the song, or just listened to the song for the first time, or don't even know what I am talking about, please comment and let's talk and share this wonderful piece of music. I'm going to give a shout out to @YeseniaLira who according to my sister really really loves this song, so I politely ask, if you want to add your personal interest in the song concerning the drama or just the song itself, please do so in the comments! @yaka89 @merryjane13 @B2utyrisa @StephanieDuong @sugajin94 @kpopandkimchi @KPopGaby @9thMuse @lamrotamrot @krazylilmeow @heidichiesa @KDramaKPop2015 @DianaCastaneda @carolinacastane @VeronicaArtino @cindystran Thanks again for anyone that enjoys this. Love ya'll!
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@sugajin94 I'm glad you like the song! And yeah, based on my research, I totally got the connection between the song and the drama. Love when the music and the drama just have such a strong connection and really can't exist without the other.
@baileykayleen wow. I can't believe you share this song for OST Tuesday! Yesterday was actually the first time I heard of this song and I looped it for at least an hour. Initially I thought the rapper was Ravi because was on this site: http://mustberavi.com/. But Wow. It's actually by a rapper I never heard of it! Thanks for clarifying that. Also, I'm looping it again. The duet is amazing and their voices are so wicked good together. I might have to watch Heal Me, Kill Me. I don't usually watch sad dramas but I'm gonna give it a shot because it sounds intriguing!
@cindystran what a crazy random happenstance that you just discovered this song yesterday!! I'm glad you liked that I put it up here, it is definitely such a good song. I totally do see where it sounds like Ravi actually, but if you like NaShow you should look into his stuff! Yeah this drama is pretty far down my list to watch since it seems a bit toooo much for me (I'm more lighthearted lalala) but I've heard good things and the plot is really interesting.
@baileykayleen I'm listening to NaShow's 본 as I'm typing. He's such a good rapper and I'm in love with the beat, instrumental and the piano melody. I have to thank you for introducing me to NaShow.
@cindystran Just happy I can spread good tunes and talented artists :) happy listening!