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I remember that feeling as a kid :-). The abrupt jolt from complete immersion as you're reefed back into the land of reality. You look down at your hands. The magic ink wands you held 2 seconds ago...now replaced by generic markers. And the canvas on which your masterpiece was created...suddenly looks a lot like your brother's forehead...
Now if I'm not mistaken, it's this in a nutshell.
Yes, as adults we have responsibilities & bills but every now & again, it's good to channel your inner child.
Maybe you find it in dancing like noone's watching...
Or moments of spontaneity... :-)
I love that tree馃憤馃槏
Isn't it funny? As adults, we have relearn how to do the things we got in trouble for as kids, in order to find balance & stay grounded? Although I realise if kids did not get into trouble for these things as kids, they would not grow up to be balanced/grounded adults. Am very happy to be the sort of adult who is grateful & knows the value of diligence of and hard work & is now enjoying reconnecting with her inner child. :-)
Wow thanks for this awesome reminder to live in the moment :) love that Dr. Seuss quote
These are so awesome!! And also a little inspirational? That first picture is me and my sister in a nutshell lol. We were always getting in trouble growing up.
these are awesome! and true. I think spontaneity is the cornerstone of happy creation
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