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So, my mom throws a big Halloween Party every year--always weekend before Halloween. It's a lot of fun, which she's been doing for forever it seems. My favorite part about helping her make it great is to decorate the entry table as people come in.
As soon as I saw these cute, adorable mummies, I just had to clip this and save it so we can make these this year.

Supplies Needed:

- styrofoam balls (any size)
- 1/4 yd muslin
- eyelets/brads
- tea bag
- spray bottle
- 22 guage floral wire
- glue
Step 1: Prepare the Tea
Boil one cup of water in a small saucepan. Turn off heat and place tea bag in the water. Leave to cool. You will use this later to spray the mummy.
Step 2: Insert Eyes and Legs
Take a styrofoam ball and insert 2 eyelets or brads between the middle and top of the ball. For extra hold, dab them in a little glue before inserting. For the legs, cut 2 pieces of wire (however long you want the legs to be) and bend one end of each wire into an oval. Stick them into the bottom of the ball.
Step 3: Wrap It
Cut 3/8" wide strips of muslin and begin wrapping the ball until it is covered, going around the eyes and legs. Use glue to adhere the ends of the strips onto the ball.
Step 4: Spray the Mummy
Remove the tea bag and pour the tea into a spray bottle. Spray the mummy lightly and let dry 10-15 minutes. It will look spotty at first, just spray it again once it is dry. Repeat until desired color is achieved.
Make a few of these to put around the house, bring to work. decorate for school and to give as cute gifts to friends.
What are your favorite Halloween traditions? Please share them in the comments or make a cute card about them. I'd love to hear about it. Click here to see my other Halloween Countdown idea!