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Ever since I marathoned Tokyo Ghoul with everyone in the anime community that were also involved in the marathon. I fell in love with the singers voice for this op, I listen to this song at least once a day and I sing along to all the words. It's now my favorite with Ao Haru Ride as a close second!
The song itself is amazing alongside beautiful animation in the opening, it sucks you in right away and it's so vibrant and colorful. I love this song so much, I will never get sick of it!!!
This is my favorite part of the opening were you get to see his transformation from a human to a ghoul, then with white hair. I always looked forward to the end of the opening to see his white hair because he's so hot with white hair. Thank you @poojas for this awesome {MM} challenge, I enjoyed expressing how much I love this opening!
Tokyo ghoul is life
@kpoplover1995 Tokyo Ghoul is love, Tokyo Ghoul is life!
People in the box! Love the beginning of the song that voice tho
Ah this is another great opening! I never skipped it during the marathon lol