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so this game is called Dungeon boss and I play it and we'll it's based on Dungeons and bosses like the name states and I play it I Crack a few jokes and we'll if you laugh at the video or at me that's great because all that matters is that you laugh:) my MOBILEMECHAGALAXYPLAYER ON YOUTUBE
that's not bad. it just seems a little simple. I guess that's why I don't play many mobile games. Instead I like to use emulators on my phone for old titles.
dude that ninja was pretty dope, evading most of those attacks. (dodging lightning!) is this game just a series of short dungeons, with the purpose of fighting the boss in each? seems pretty basic.
VinMcarthy I also play emulator games like megaman and castle Vania aria of sorrow is there and game you want to see on the gamboy advance emulator? be played
VinMcarthy yea it's a dungeon game