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She's as cute as a compass and was born into style.

Of course, I'm talking about baby North West. Can't even call her a baby anymore because she is growing up right in front of our eyes. Thank God for Kanye and Kim's exceptional taste in fashion because that is one area that North will never have a problem in. At the shy age of two, North has seen more fashion shows and paparazzi than we have ever seen in the media. But with style like hers, I wouldn't mind being in the spotlight either.
The camera loves her that's for sure and it's safe to say that we love her just as much. It may seem odd to admire a two year olds sense of style, but don't worry you are not the only one. These five looks [see below] are all the more reason to believe that North West is the most stylish toddler in the media. Blue Ivy, who?
Seriously? Baby Docs & a flight jacket. Adorbs.
Baby buns, tutus and ballet slippers. Like, how much cuter can she get?
Full length mink and all black Docs. Her parents have taught her well.
All black everything. You can't go wrong.
Denim skirts and detailed blazers. North West is definitely on trend.

Like how adorable is she?

She can teach us all a thing or two.