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Sometimes people say things they don't mean. Hopefully this is the case with Zack Snyder during his last interview.

Recently Steven Spielberg stated that “there will be a time when the superhero movie goes the way of the Western.” Zack wasn't too pleased with the comment and gave his point of view on the subject.
Unfortunate for many other directors and actors, Snyder used them as a reference point for poor movie making.
“It goes to the mythological nature of the movies that we’re making,” said Snyder. “I feel like he’s right. But I feel like Batman and Superman are transcendent of superhero movies in a way, because they’re Batman and Superman. They’re not just, like, the flavor of the week Ant-Man—not to be mean, but whatever it is. What is the next Blank-Man?
What did Blank-Man or the Wayans brothers do to him? For those who haven't seen Blank-man, catch the trailer for the movie above.

I know Snyder was trying to make a point, but he was WAY out of line for his shots at Blankman.

The character saw great success on the tv show "In Living Color" and on the big screen. I personally liked the movie, Damon Wayans and Robin Givens made the movie a blast to watch.
Don't you find it odd that Synder would attempt to build up Superhero movies by bashing another?
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it's weird to me that he would go for such a dated reference, when movies like Green Lantern (which bombed) are so much more recent and relevant. I don't get it, Snyder. I also just don't really like his movies, so there's that.