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Have you ever tried painting clothespins by hand? Yes? Then you know the frustration and struggle it is to get any project that involves both clothespins and paint done! It is rough!
But take a look at these cute clothespins in their fantastic rainbow of colors! <3
The secret is the magic and wonder of washi tape. Like, how genius is that product?! <3 <3
If you don't have washi tape OR you have your eye on some other cute paper that you want to use for this, then that is OKAY! The other secret ingredient to making this project cute is using Mod Podge. Another dream product, IMHO!

Supplies Needed:

Washi tape OR scrapbook paper
Mod Podge
1. Cut your paper or washi tape into strips that are slightly shorter and narrower than the actual clothespin surface.
2. Apply the washi strips onto the clothespins. If you are using craft paper, use Mod Podge as an adhesive to stick them onto the clothespins.
3. Apply a top coat of Mod Podge to the washi tape or strips of craft paper.
4. Allow them to dry and have fun with these critters!
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