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So today's day and age there is a lot of body shaming going on; fat shaming & skinny shaming. According to society's standards you have to be one size to be beautiful. I believe this is a horrible standard and is telling our young girls that only physical features is what defines "true beauty". Beauty comes from within, and is all shapes and sizes. Whether you're a size 0 or 10, you're character is what defines you; not waist size.
Let's be real, physical beauty will eventually fade, that's all a part of aging. You're character and heart will be remembered by those who truly appreciate and believe in you. If there are people putting you down for your pant size, well they are the ones that have standards skewed.
Confidence to me is the best makeup any woman can have. God, or the deity you believe in made you just how he saw you; perfect. If anyone tried(s) to put you down because you aren't their "type", then in all actuality, they are not worth your time. A little back story to me, I was in junior high and all the girls wore girl sized clothing. I was already in juniors' wearing 5/7. They made fun of me, called me hateful names. I didn't care, because I felt my heart would define who I was as a person. I got sick and lost 30 pounds which brought me down to a size 0/1 maybe three depending on the brand. I caught a lot of slack for that as well. My nickname became Anorexia Aimee. I couldn't win for losing. Instead of teaching girls that one particular size is what girls need to be, we need to teach them that beauty is all different sizes. Many of those people who talk down on others, miss an important part of morals and ethics; the way you make others feel, is a mirror of your true character.
Unfortunately body shaming starts at a very young age. Media and other outlets influence that to be beautiful you must be tiny. This is not the right way to teach others about beauty. Instead of dress size, we should look into the souls of people.
This is so amazing ❤️❤️ you are so wonderful and a body positive inspiration
@shannonl5 awe thank you dear! ♡ ^~^
This is so great! And so true ^_^ you've got a truly beautiful heart <3
@LizArnone thank you dear ❤❤ You are most definitely, as well!
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