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There is nothing worse, that I can think of, than being reprimanded for ruining a book you don't own because you were too lazy to protect the book or because you haphazardly dog-tagged the pages you left off and would go back to later. That would eat me up inside if I let you borrow a book and destroyed it.
Reminds me of my friend. She can break a book spine faster than anyone I know! She makes no attempt to take care of it. I have seen her over the years struggling with books that have pages falling out, and entire sections of books missing because of the way she treats books. As you can tell, I am very passionate about taking care of your things, especially books.
Which, leads me to this cute diy. Honestly, this is probably one of the only diy projects that I have shared that actually doesn't require you to go out and stock up on supplies that you don't already have. Enjoy!

Supplies Needed:

Cute envelope. Any size will do.
Flat sticker-like embellishments (if you want)
1. Cut off the bottom and one side of the envelope, leaving two sides sealed.
2. Using decorative embellishments, decorate your envelope.
It should look like a crafty envelope. When you're done with these two steps, that's it! See?! And all you had to do was raid your craft pile for an envelope!
What other fun (and resourceful) diy projects are you interested in learning about?