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The opening is called Colors by Flow and ever since I heard it, I feel in love ^^
(Lelouch is pretty sexy!!!) hahaha cx
Also from Air Gear ^^
I remember hearing this opening a while back and I've also liked it!!
Another would be from Black Butler!!!
First season by the way!! ^^
My last one would be from Bleach! ^^ The second opening is so awesome as well!!
I'm sorry I couldn't just choose one and I'm also sorry because I didn't do this earlier T.T @poojas
You totally did it on time! And these are great choices! You should include the YouTube videos of the openings if you can. So everyone can enjoy them ^^
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@poojas Alrighty then ^^
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haha these are all really cool! I really love the one from Bleach, personally
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@VinMcCarthy I'm glad you liked them!! ^^ it wasn't easy to choose one cx
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