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One of Marvel's most popular teams might be disbanding... forever.

Since Marvel announced their All-New All-Different lineup, it hasn't been clear what the future of the X-Men would be. We know that Logan is mentoring X-23 but other than that, it seems like some of our favorite characters might not be around in this new, rebooted universe. Marvel is focusing their efforts on The Inhumans, to tie in with the cinematic universe. And while they've worked with the X-Men in the past, this new teaser released with Ms. Marvel makes it clear that they're going to be at odds.

The Terragen Mist that activated the Inhumans' powers is killing mutants.

Now, this is just a teaser. It's designed to make us upset because they want us to anticipate the release of the comic. But this seems a little dire. Could this mean that Marvel is shutting down the entire X-Men comics line? Will all of the characters be tossed out? Will we see the end of a decades-old franchise?

X-Men fans: How worried should I be right now?

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Actually... The X-Men won't be getting cancelled. Besides X-23 taking over as Wolverine, there will be three other X-Men books debuting. Extraordinary X-Men led by Storm. Uncanny X-Men led by Magneto. And All New X-Men led by young Cyclops(Cyclops from the past). So no worries here!
@MyNoahIsName lol the struggle of being a comic book fan. Have you looked into going digital? It might be cheaper that way @DigitalJediX that's a relief! Marvel has been placing so much emphasis on other characters it seems like they've been pulling away from this part of their universe. (I gotta pay more attention to their solicitations clearly). Do you think most of our favorite characters are going to come out of the current story arc unscathed? @danidee @DanRodriguez @buddyesd we'll clearly all be devastated if they don't!
@shannonl5 only time will tell
@shannonl5 I think we'll see a good amount of everyone's favorites. Extraordinary X-men has Storm, young Jean Grey, Old Man Logan(Wolverine is still dead), Ice Man, Nightcrawler, Colossus, Magick. Uncanny X-Men: Magneto, Sabretooth, Archangel, Mystique, Fantomex, Monet and Psylocke. X-23 in her own book titled Wolverine and Old Man Logan in his own book. All New X-Men is the younger crowd. Led by young Cyclops with young Angel(transformed by the Black Vortex), Idie, young Beast, young Ice Man, Wolverine(X-23)
@DigitalJediX so definitely a good balance of the classics, with space to bring back some of the others if they think it will support the story/draw more readers. I'm glad they're still pushing the X-Men, they weren't very prominent in the first wave of announcements for the All-New comics. I'm still sad because it looks like the Fantastic Four are all split up, but maybe they're saving them for something further down the line (maybe they're hoping to get the film rights back one day...)?