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Lovely Nabi: Namjoon
Nabi wasn’t entirely sure why he had messaged her but it was her off day and she was looking forward to some fun. She had been getting really close to the boys lately and a day at the amusement park with them would be amazing. She stood by the ticket booth in her graphic tee and overall shorts rocking on her heels waiting for the swarm of boys to show up. She felt a tap on her shoulder and she turned to see Namjoon smiling at her. She returned his smile and looked around for the other six but she couldn’t find them. Maybe he got there earlier than the others. “They aren’t coming. They have no idea you’re even here right now." Namjoon commented noticing her looking around. He lifted her chin so she would have to look at him. “Its just us today. I figured you could use the time to really relax." She blushed lightly as soon as he touched her face. Why was he being like this so suddenly. She was a little hesitant about just being with him today because the others might get upset but they were already here. “I want to ride the roller coasters!” She said gaining sudden confidence, running further into the park. Namjoon just laughed and went to the ticket window to buy two wrist bands for them to ride unlimited rides. “You got to excited silly." He was playfully scolding her as he fixed the band around her wrist. “You can’t ride anything without tickets or one of these. “I know I couldn’t help myself." She just looked at the ground kicking it a little. “It’s just been so long since I got to have fun like this on an off day. I’m usually doing errands.” Namjoon just grinned as he grabbed her elbow leading her towards the line of the roller coaster he found her by. The excitement grew the closer to the front of the line they got but the look on Nam's face was troubled. “What’s wrong Nam-ssi?” She gave him this cute look trying to make him smile. “Ah I’m fine its just I get nervous about roller coasters. My body is precious and I’m getting older so I have to be careful.” Her cute look instantly went to one that showed him just how stupid she thought that answer was. After that coaster they rode a few more before they got to the flying bungee pull. This one made Nabi a little more nervous than the others. The attendants got them into their safety gear and hooked them up hoisting them into the air. “Omo I’m not so sure about this one Nam-ssi She grabbed onto his arm and hid her face. “You were so excited about the rides and even made fun of me. There is no backing out of this one.” “Why did you put me on the side that pulls the cord. It’s better if I’m not in control that’s why I like the coasters.” She just kept hiding her face not wanting to pull it. Namjoon reached over her and pulled the cord sending them flying. He held her tight as their screams and laughs filled the air. She really could get used to his protective embrace.
This honestly just makes me want to go to an amusement park SO badly omg what have you DONE hahah
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@kpopandkimchi I just bought tickets for an amusement park actually ^_^ and now I can't wait for next month (: I'm starting to like rap monster even more lately *_*
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