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The Struggle: Are You Shy?

I have a confession:

I'm shy in real life.

Not like I won't talk to people, but it's really hard for me to start a conversation. It's even HARDER for me to jump in once a convo has started!
So! For the people who are just as shy as I am, but online, this card is for you!

It's your invitation to confess to your shyness and to make some serious Vingle amigos!

I see all you shy cuties liking and clipping and giggling and having fun all by yourself


For shy people like us its tough, but this card is a safe place to get talking!

I challenge you all to list:

1. Your bias
2. Your biggest pet peeve
3. Your favorite Kpop dance

in the comments below!

Shy Cuties UNITE!

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1) Junhyung!!! 2) TARDINESS like ten minutes I get MORE I DO NOT LIKE NO 3) DOPEEEEEE/Adore U Y'all might not know me as shy because on vingle I'm not!!! KPOP IS LIFEEE AND I AM PASSIONATE ABOUT IT but in a white dominant school.... it's hard to talk about passions you don't share and I'm just shy also so I find it hard to talk to people luckily I have made a couple close friends and they're in my classes πŸ˜„πŸ˜„ BUT WELCOME SHY PEOPLE!!! let us fan girl 😊😊 I can talk about almost any boy group!!! most girl groups but not as much whoops πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰ feel free to talk!!
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😳I have so many!!!! Lol I'll pick my first love T.O.P! Ummmm...I honestly don't know what my pet peeve is...but my fave dance is EXO growl.
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1. Lee Taemin 2. When someone has bad grammar and spelling 3. BTS dope dance
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1) T.O.P is my bias forever and always 2) Stabbing someone in the back, betraying someone 3)My fav dance at the moment is Just Right GOT7 I really love being apart of this community since I don't live in an area where I can express my love for kpop. I am so happy to get to know each and every one of you KPOP FOREVER!!!!!!!
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1. I have multiple bias but rn my top bias is Vixx's Ravi 2. My biggest pet peeve is lying, I can't stand liars 3. My favorite Kpop dance so far is Vixx's Error
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