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Hey Vinglers, so thanks to @VinMcCarthy, I found out it was the 30th anniversary of the release of Super Mario Bros two days ago!
So what comes to your mind when you think of Mario? Well for me it's gotta be the mustache. No one can imagine Mario without his mustache, right?

So, in celebration of Mario Week, I've decided to do a card on the best facial hairs in baseball!

Even the Yankees, who are known for their strict rules on facial hair, allow mustaches, because it's such a classic!

And you cannot forget about the 2013 Boston Red Sox during the World Series!

5. Don Mattingly

The current LA Dodgers manager does not have a mustache right now, but I think he should bring it back. He deserves to be on the list because when he was a Yankee, he supported one of the strongest mustache game (but not as strong as Mario's) back in the day.

4. Jayson Werth

Jayson Werth has one of the greatest beard in the league. His beard is so great that the Nationals made a Jayson Werth Garden Gnome! Also, his teammate, Danny Espinosa needs to bring back his mustache so the two of them can bring some strong facial hair game to Washington.

3. David Ortiz

First of all congrats to Big Papi for hitting his 500th career home run a few days ago. He is indeed one of the greatest clutch hitters the game has seen in awhile. Second, just take a moment to appreciate his clean-cut beard. That's what you call perfection!

2. Dallas Keuchel

And we have the Houston Astros ace Dallas Keuchel! The bearded All-Star pitcher accredited his well-groomed facial hair to the days he spent mowing lawns. Jim Stevenson, the Astros scout who signed Keuchel, called Keuchel's beard "the ugliest thing I've seen." Well Mr. Stevenson, I disagree!

1. Brian Wilson

Now, we haven't seen Brian Wilson for a long time after he became a free agent after the 2014 season. But we cannot forget the Brian Wilson we saw during the 2010 season. Apparently, he turned down $1 million deal from a razor company to shave his beard. He also did not sign with the Yankees because they told him he needed to shave his beard. And you know what? I can totally see why he would turn down both the razor company and the Yankees. His facial hair is just too legendary to give up!

Well, happy 30th anniversary once again and if there are any other baseball fans out there, we need to give Mario Super Sluggers a shot!

And Mario, you should never ever shave off your mustache, because...

this just doesn't seem right!

@mchlyang hahaha! I agree. But the subject was facial hair, mister. :P
@ButterflyBlu He's a very good looking player. But he sucks so much......
Dude. Danny Espinosa... seriously. I hate the Nats and even I admire that man's face.
@ButterflyBlu True, very true! He still looks good today, but he looked even better when he had his mustache!