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I must follow hundreds of DIY blogs and whatnot because my inbox is flooded DAILY with all sorts of projects pertaining to Halloween and the Fall in general. Everything from super cute and east, to OMG, awesome and tricky to make...You get the idea!
For this one, I thought it would be cute to create spooky spider garland using a template that I found online, which you can see that and more templates for Halloween by clicking here.

Supplies Needed:

12" x 18" construction paper
tacky glue
Step 1: Cut a 5"W x 18"L strip from a 12"W x 18"L sheet of construction paper. Measure in three inches from one of the five-inch ends and mark. From there, measure and mark four more times.
Step 2: Fold paper at the first mark. Then flip over and fold again at the next mark. Keep flipping and folding, making an accordion shape.
Step 3: Print the template of your choice and cut as directed.
Step 4: Center it atop the folded paper, and trace around the shape with a pencil.
Step 5: Carefully cut out the shape, going through all the layers of folded paper, and unfold to reveal. To create a longer row, repeat steps and adhere garlands together with tacky glue.
I can see this for a cute refreshment area setup. Or, you could put this on a bulletin board at school. The kiddos would love this and more! Click here to see more fun Fall projects!