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So UP10TION made their debut a few days ago, and I really like the song, but I CAN NOT get over this freakin sweet choreography!!!! Like its awesome. They are all on point and they really took advantage of that fact that there are 10 members with formations and ripple effects!!
As a very active Kpop fan, I check out many groups and songs other than my top fav groups. 2015 is a great year to be a KPOP fan! so many awesome groups making their debut plus so many fantastic comebacks by the veteran groups!! Many Kpop fans have been watching all these awesome groups making their debut and I've liked a lot of them, but this group has really caught my attention! I really like the song and things they do with it musically and this dance...its so freakin awesome!! what are your thoughts everyone? ^^
I mean i saw a little of it in the mv but this is.....wow
wait holy CRAP this choreo is amazing?!!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!!?
@kpopandkimchi I know right!? the bits of choreo in the MV made me curious and I was blown away~