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In the future, years and years from now, film critics and historians will call this year (and the past ten years) the era of remakes. And while I'm on the fence about some of the remakes that have been coming out in the past couple of years (ahem, Red Dawn, I hate you), there are times where the remake does the original justice.
The most recent remake to catch my attention has to be The Jungle Book. I remember watching the original movie in my third or fourth grade class (I'm not really sure why we did this but we did) and enjoying every second of it. Unfortunately, time and age has ruined me so I don't remember it that well but I still feel really excited for this movie to come out.
There are a couple of reasons why I'm excited for this movie (even though I feel like I shouldn't be); there's the star-studded voice cast, the quality of the CGI, but most importantly, I wonder how this will translate or resonate with younger audiences. I'm more excited about bringing my nephews and young family members to the theater to watch this movie.
And I think that's something we tend to forget. Yeah, these are re-makes, sure, you're right. But the people making them, they aren't thinking of you -- as an adult -- as their target audience. Okay, okay, maybe they are a little bit. But the original Jungle Book resonated with so many young people and maybe remakes should be looked at as a way to allow younger generations to have an experience with an existing property that you (general you) loved as a kid.
I'm really, really excited for this one.
The Jungle Book will be in theaters on April 15, 2016
@ButterflyBlu Hey, now. I feel the same way you do. It kind of surprised me that he's in the movie, I mean I can't really picture him doing any other voice other than the distinct voice he has, you know? I guess we'll have to wait for a while before we find out who he is playing
AHHHH! This is one of my favorites. *coughbooknerdcough* It looks Incredible!! But Christopher Walken?! He creeps me all the way out. >.< Who's he playing? (NO, don't tell me how amazing he is at what he does. I already KNOW. I accept that he's a great actor. He just... I don't know...)
@paulisaverage that's good! Maybe they were trying to make the movie more appealing to the grown-ups who will be taking their kids to see it. That is a complaint I remember some adults had about the movies I loved when I was a kid. Because kids want to see movies over and over and OVER again a lot of adults would get really bored or annoyed because there wasn't anything for them to enjoy about the experience
@shannonl5, I think I should eventually link to this Twitter Q&A, hahahaha (or I should have linked to it in the card above). but Favreau acknowledged how "action movie" the teaser looks and hopes that future trailers will show how it's still "fun" or something.
@paulisaverage makes sense. Yeah, it did sort of have an 'action movie' tone to it, and I'm not sure how well that would translate to kids. Obviously kids are going out and seeing the Avengers movies, but there's a lot of playfulness to those and I didn't see much of that in this trailer
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