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WARNING!! It's a boy love manga's extra. That means male/male relationship. If you don’t like it, DON"T download or read (nothing explicit or NSFW in this extra though) Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?0nl8vtvn4ctt784 (chinese raw) Source: see watermark Translation (sorry for the crappy english, please feel free to correct me ) 1 Kaburagi: If you hadn’t forgot to bring the equipments, we would have made it Onoe: Hm, don’t blame it all on me. If you hadn’t talked with that girl for so long, we would have plenty of time too Kaburagi: Don’t blame me. Who would have thought that we need to go and collect the materials today. Onoe: So would I ! Kaburagi: It’s all your fault Onoe: It’s not! Shimano: Seems like … 2 Shimano: The guys sitting in the next booth are fighting over something, Kurosawa: Sounds like that Shimano: if they are fighting that much, why bother having a meal together? Kurosawa well, even if they fights, it doesn’t mean their relationship is bad really? Kurosawa: Aren’t you always mad at me? Shimano: That’s because you’re so sloppy! Kurosawa But you still invite me for dinner right? That was because all of my friends already have plans for today, that’s all 3 Shimano: …And, I just want to see you soon Kurosawa: You are already drunk? Shimano: I’m not *Shimano’ll become very honest once he’s drunk* Kurosawa: Who are you kidding here! Isn’t that alcohol. When did you drink that? Shimano: The waitress brought it to me just now. It’s delicious *His alcohol tolerance is bad* Kurosawa: Stop drinking! Let’s go home (before you get all strange) Shimano: No ~ Kurosawa: Go home first and we’ll drink again 4 Shimano: Un, then let’s go home Kurosawa: *Hey, Don’t do it to me while we are still outside!* Kurosawa: Ok ok, stand up quickly 5 Onoe: Oh my god, a gay couple is sitting next to us . a gay couple! Kaburagi: Sounds like that Not like we are in the position to say that though *It’s their turn to eavesdrop* Onoe: Are they already left? Kaburagi: No, I think they are still here I wonder what are they doing right now Don’t tell me that they are doing something inappropriate right here. I’ll go and sneak a peek Kaburagi: Hey Aren’t you already drunk too? Stop … 6 Kurosawa: *Shush* Ok, let’s go Can you stand on your own? *Nod nod* Kurosawa: Can I have a receipt for booth no 5 please Kaburagi: Hey, get back in here quickly What? What did you see? Onoe: It … it is so awesome! He even shushed me 7 Onoe: Maybe it’s the hormones Kaburagi: What? Onoe: He is so mature and so cool Kaburagi: Hmm, you say which part of him was cool ? Onoe: He can do something like that right in front of people … Kaburagi: You mean like this? *kiss* 8 Onoe: He didn’t do it to that extent! Kaburagi: Oh really Onoe: What should we do. How can we go there from now on!? Kaburagi: Who cares about that Shimano: Are you telling the truth? I really did that kind of thing in the restaurant? *kurosawa has exaggerated* Shimano: we can never go back to that restaurant again Kurosawa: Ok ok, we won’t go there any more And let’s stop go out drinking too *Please, you have to think for me a little. I’m the one who have to hold it until we can get home *
Thank you for translating!!! Can I try typesetting it?(although I'm not professional, haha!) I will definitely credit you! Thank you again!!
oh my, sorry, Heart no Kakurega is not an oneshot, sorry, my bad! When I collect the mag, I usually take a note to know which issue have my fav mangaka and that note kind of a mess.
@Yoshioka by that you mean Natsume Isaku's Heart no kakurega chapter 6 ? @@
Yes, bunnyshop :"> This is from Dear+ 150 Commemorative issuse. There is still one more oneshot name Heart no kakurega from it.
@Yoshioka you do? OMG i'm so jealous >v< ·@meodien1812 i love Shimano & Kurosawa too :)
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