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According to Karina Gomez, the mother pictured in the photo, was told to breastfeed her hungry baby in a public bathroom. Gomez claims a Marshalls store employee told her she was not allowed to feed her child in the store, or even in the dressing room.
She had to go into the restroom instead.
Breastfeeding in public seems to still be a ~shocking~ thing. Should mothers have their babies go into starvation, until they are home? Should mothers be allowed to feed their babies -- wherever that may be?
I personally believe that mother should never have their babies go hungry, because someone is offended by an uncovered breast. There's always the option of lowering your gaze to allow baby to eat. In the USA, we're so comfortable with strip clubs, cleavage overload, asscheek shorts, pornography -- but goodness forbid a mother's breast is uncovered as she feeds her hungry baby.
Marshalls released a statement to local KGW News:
"We have a breast feeding policy in place which instructs associates to allow customers to breastfeed as they choose within stores. We have looked into this matter and regret that it may not have been followed in this instance. We have asked the customer involved to reach out to us directly so we may resolve the matter and again, apologize for any inconvenience."

What do you think about breastfeeding in public?

That's absolutely ridiculous. I don't get people. There is sex EVERYwhere. Magazines and advertisements all over that store show cleavage and then some. It's considered "art" for people to pose nude. But God forbid a baby is hungry. I never let anyone get to me when I was breastfeeding. (It's been years now.) If someone even looked at me the wrong way, they caught "The Look". As women and mothers, we have to protect our children - even their rights to eat. That's our job. She has a right to be angry and humiliated.
It's like saying a person can't eat in public, like wtf Pretty sure no one would bat an eye if someone was eating wherever There's literally no difference with a baby ._.
Yeah, @InPlainSight. I think that's a good way to phrase it. As long as they're comfortable, well, all is fine. No kidding. In 105 degree heat, we were at a park full of families, and I was asked to put on a feeding blanket. I was covered. No one could see anything inappropriate. I had a small burping towel covering my skin. And someone wanted me to cover up with a blanket. It's just stupid. You can guess what I didn't do.
@butterflyblu ahhhh...I get it, because they are depraved, the kid starves???
well no one wants to see that @InPlainSight! Take them to a restroom stall please! Ugh yes, @ButterflyBlu I hate how over sexualized womens bodies are.
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