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so it started with me watching a fan cam and "Bang Bang Bang" by big bang and my mom wanted to see it too. so I showed her and she was really into it plus she thinks T.O.P. is cute. oh, but I didnt stop there, after the fan cam was over I went on to Exo, Bts, Got7, 2Ne1 and other groups so now lets just say jackson (Got7), Jb (Got7) and V (Bts) are her favorites
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my daughter loves kpop. she even has biases lol Seungri from big bang Dong woo from Infinite well technically she likes the whole group of Infinite lol she even has a bias in super junior lol
Hahha got my mom intoo kdramas. haha she waits for me so we can watch it together hahha.. we are watching pinnochio. . because she is a fan of Lee Jong Suk..haha.. she watched every single one with him.. haha..
Same here, my mom loves "those kids" 馃槀
I kinda got my mom and sister into KPOP too! My sisters ultimate bias is Bom from 2NE1 and moms, its kinda TOP from BigBang
My mom told me stories of when (before I was born) that she used to watch k dramas and I show her a few bts mvs when I was in high school