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If you haven't heard, Syrians seriously need the worlds help. Over 4 million Syrians have fled their homes, searching for safety. In the first 18 months alone, the civil war that is ravaging Syria took the lives of 60,000 men, women, and children, all of whom are also starving due to drought and unable to build wells because of the government.
If you need a quick summary of what is happening, check out this 5 minute video below.
Now that the problem has been explained, you can understand that Syria is no longer a country, it is a war zone. The government and rebels are fighting a war and both consider civilians unavoidable casualties.
Because of this, 4 million people are now refuges, fleeing from their country, fleeing from guns and violence, only to be stopped at the boarder with no where to turn.
Millions are waiting, grouped together, hoping to find a home where the quality of life includes less guns and actual food.
What is terrible is that people don't seem to understand the crisis that is actually occurring. Over 4 million people aren't just homeless; they are trapped in a country that is threatening to kill them everywhere they turn.
This might just be the biggest refugee crisis in the history of the world and no country seems to be willing to help.
According to HuffPost, the U.S. has so far taken around 2,000 refuges since the fighting started in 2011. This number is pathetic compared to the number of people still trapped in a war zone. Many are afraid that the 4 million people abandoning everything they have ever known and loved are terrorist in disguise....all 4 million of them.
Lets completely disregard that completely racist and idiotic logic and start looking at the men, women, and child, families just like ours, and see them as what they are; Human beings who need the world to save them.
To put it into perspective, here is a video that is going viral about what growing up in a civil war zone is like.
This civil war has claimed the lives of over 11,000 children alone and now even more are dying, drowning, their bodies washing up on shorelines, in the attempt to leave.
So yes, taking in 100,000 refuges will be difficult. It will be confusing. It will cause changes, and chaos and even a little fear.

But it will also save lives of innocent people who deserve to live a life that isn't filled with explosions and death.

it's heartbreaking to see this happening, and almost all of Europe trying to close it's borders against the refugees. something has to be done before it's too late.
It's so sad. It's an incredibly helpless feeling to watch this happen, especially as a mother. :( I'm the kind of person that wants to right the wrongs of the world. This is just heartbreaking.
I think sometimes it’s easy to only look at the issue as : look there are these people who are taking our resources. Instead of : look there are these people who have been through war, destruction, and they are seeking help. We live in our own little bubble, and understanding the issue truly helps with perspective.
@ButterflyBlu it's so hard to see everyone so helpless and feeling helpless yourselffffff ughhhhh hopefully the government does something right for a change
The second video is one of the most powerful videos I've seen.....11,000 innocent's so heartbreaking
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