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I hope you have a lot of money.

It seems like Kylie Jenner is taking Kim Kardashian's role as most influential Kardashian-Jenner sister. She's just as provocative, just as gorgeous, and recently showing just how successful she really is. Though Jenner caused a ton of controversy when she revealed that she gets lip fillers, it wasn't of any surprise that her makeup regimen is insanely expensive. American girls are obsessed with Kylie for a million reasons, not just because she's the queen of Snapchat. All of the world, beauty standards for young adults are being redefined by Kylie and her sister Kendall Jenner.
After today's successful launch of Kylie's new app, everyone is obsessed with Kylie's radio station and beauty products. Obviously, it's not that hard to look as good as Kylie does when she has professional makeup artists, clothing designers, and plastic surgeons to fix every imperfection. However, the underlying question remains... do you have the appropriate amount of funds to support your daily beauty schedule like Kylie?

Here's the costs :

Laura Mercier Primer in "Buff" ($27)
Anastasia Beverly Hills in "Java" Contour ($14)
Anastasia Beverly Hills in "Cinnamon" Contour ($14)
Anastasia Beverly Hills in "Noir" Eye Shadow ($12)
Color Pop Game Face in "Super Shock" Eye Shadow ($5)
Tarte Clay Pot Eyeliner ($21)
Too Face "Better than Sex" Mascara ($23)
Koh Gen Goh Illuminator ($39)
Koh Gen Goh Foundation ($62)
Cover FX Custom Cover Drops ($44)
Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer "Sx02" ($48)
Bobbi Brown Foundation "Chestnut" ($44)
Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel ($48)
Anastasia Brown Wiz ($21)
Anastasia Contour L'Orange ($14)
Japonesque Blush ($22)
Mac Fix + Spray ($22)

Grand total: $480.

PS- Include lip fillers, facial peels, hair removal surgery, botox, and extra needed plastic surgery to your bill to look perfect.

What do you think of Kylie's new app?

Beauty standers are changing daily. its sad to see that girls think they need her expensive makeup treatment or super expensive doctor help to be beautiful. Her and her whole family are beautiful. But not all there beauty is natural. Adults and the media should show more support to natural beauty. not have 10-11 year olds thinking they need lots of makeup to be considered beautiful. What's the point of wearing lots of makeup and getting treatments to look beautiful only to feel fake outside. Yes she and her family are making a difference, but in my opinion not for a better future in beauty.
Makeup is fun but it isn't the only way to be beautiful that's all I want young girls to know. Be your own kind of beautiful and don't follow anyone else's standards choose for yourself.
I like makeup alot but I know what would be volatile for my self-esteem if I got into the habit of putting an unreasonable amount on my face. I have watched Instagram videos seeing how these women put all kinds of concealer and they look changed completely from how they were before. I can't see myself doing that because that is creating a mask to cover our imperfections. we are not meant to be flawless because our faces don't define our true beauty. when someone looks in the mirror and sees their face as just a face, insecurities will run rampant. on the flip side if they where to look in the mirror and see who they really are with the face as a guide, perhaps then they will discover beauty and acceptance to the point where they are nolonger trying to cover the physical imperfections, but drop that worry so that they may work on themselves on the inside. so, when that person shines, the face gets all the light and the imperfections are under to who they truly are.
I think natural beauty is much better than all of that fake face. I don't even think she is that pretty. I have seen prettier women everyday on the street. So sick of all the Kardashians and Jenners. Do something real an important instead of teaching the youth that it is bad to be themselves.
oh yeah, @hikaymm , it is works of art, but we don't need to wear paintings on your face all the time.
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