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Halloween Templates You Need
For all my DIY Vinglers out there, I found 8 awesome templates that you can download for free for all your Halloween diy projects! It's free and there's nothing to do except click on the links I will provide so you can get them and save them for your Halloween crafts this year.


The template for the black spider you see in the cake above, click here.
For a spider without the large leg span, click here.

The Dead

Classic skull and crossbones, click here.
Bones in a cross, click here.
Grave tombstone, click here.


Who can resist a black cat for Halloween? Click here for a cat face.


While you could make the flames yourself, why, when you can just click here.

Haunted Houses

This one is probably my favorite because it takes ALL THE GUESSWORK out of creating the perfect haunted house for your scary display. Click here for the template.
Just remember, these are templates only! It's up to you to bring them to life with your creativity and crafty ways! Make it fun. Be safe this Halloween! <3 <3 <3