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Ever wonder what music can help you be more productive, more powerful, more calm?

Music has always been the gateway to creativity and happiness for me. There has never been a time where I have lost faith in its power. Recent studies show that music is even cooler than we think!

1. Rock Music Makes You Feel Powerful

It's no secret that a driving beat and wicked guitar line can make anyone feel awesome. But rock music can improve abstract thinking and give you a better vision. People who listen to a lot of rock music tend to have big dreams and very solid visions of the future. If you're stuck on something at work, turn up some bands with a little kick and you'll definitely get out of your funk.
This is why lots of sports stars blast rock music in their headphones before games, and the exact reason I live and die by rock and roll. It's just simply amazing.

2. Classical Music Helps You Focus

Mozart and Bach will increase overall brain activity and yield a sense of calm that is often associated with focus. It's been common knowledge for a while that classical music, and instrumental music can be used to illicit a calm vibe.
Studies suggest that classical music is the gateway to increased memory and concentration. The instrumental aspect helps your brain work, as some people believe that lyrics compete for your attention. If you want to quiet your mind, classical music is definitely the way to go.

3. Listening to "New" Types of Music Boosts Creativity

If you are a rock fan like me, and you venture into the land of say rap or hip-hop, your brain will automatically work harder and more creatively. Just like changing your surroundings can make you more productive, so can changing your music.
So venture out into the land of free-form Jazz or New Wave Pop and get some new tunes and new creative vibes! All that matters is that it's new to you.

4. Your Favorite Music and Artists Will Relieve Stress

Whether you're a fan of pop, rap, rock, classical or anything else, your favorites will put you in a better place. There is nothing like putting on your headphones and zoning out. Everything is made better by music, and if you're not an avid listener, give it a chance! You never know what amazing things could happen when you just listen.
So put on your favorite group and set your brain free.
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