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Now Swift has bad blood with her boyfriend... Uh Oh.

A source has recently revealed to Ok! Magazine that Calvin Harris has anger issues and Taylor Swift isn't happy about it. We first noticed his temperament getting a little out of hand after he freaked out on Zayn Malik on Twitter last month. It then got worse when he freaked out on a fan of Avril Lavigne after reports pointed to Lavigne making digs at Swift which were ultimately debunked. He's been a constant in Swift's life and many are starting to speculate that the wealthiest power couple right now isn't doing so hot.
“At first, it was sweet,” the source said, “but now Taylor’s told Calvin he needs to calm down and realize that public rants don’t solve issues.”
Even though Swift is notorious for being the one who is criticized for dating so many men, it also shows an underlying message. Almost all of the guys have broken up with Swift showing her vulnerability, however Swift has successfully taken her weaknesses and turned it into a multi-million dollar album named 1989. So is Taylor Swift allowing Harris freedom? Reports claimed earlier in the year that Swift made him sign a contract for what he could and couldn't do in the relationship so I'm not so sure I believe that she's letting him do as he pleases.
No one is quite sure if Swift's friends like Harris or not. There was also a small scandal that Harris had an interest in Swift's fellow squad member, Gigi Hadid. After Hadid was featured in Harris's music video, tons of tabloids claimed a heated storm brewing from Swift but was never confirmed. In Swift's recently debuted music video, Wildest Dreams, Harris was a symbol for the Lion found throughout her music video (we know this because he changed his Instagram avi to the lion immediately after the video debuted at the VMAs). For now we can only hope the relationship is going well.
And I'm going to point out that every picture the couple is in together, they look AWESOME.

What do you think of their relationship?

I feel I should clarify that - if SHE sees that he has anger issues, Truly, then she should. We don't know what happens behind closed doors.
I don't care who he is or how amazing, if he has anger issues, she needs to walk.
@nicolejb yeah. I think that's what I was trying to say about "closed doors".
Anger issues are no good in a relationship. But sometimes people snap, it just so happens that theirs is public. I think I need more evidence to see if Taylor really needs to get out or not.
totally, we never really know what happens behind closed doors so we can’t assume, but I don’t think Taylor would stand for a man that has anger issues! I hope!