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A K-Drama would have no drama if it weren't for these characters causing all the problems and grief and struggle and FRUSTRATION.

Here's what makes a good evil character:

You're probably rich and you're probably able to pull serious strings to get what you want.

The good guys are always about to stop you, but you win almost every time.

You don't always use violence, but when you do there is probably a near-death experience involved.

You make us pity you, and sometimes you surprise us by turning good.

But usually you're just crazy.

And cannot - I repeat - CAN NOT be trusted!

So, who is your favorite EVIL character?

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Damn I would say I Remember You had some Damn good evil characters. like I sympathized with all of them but like they were conflicted characters. I can't say evil... DO did a good job for the limited time he was in but everyone was Damn good such a worthwhile drama tbh the ending for min was a bit ambiguous
thank you poll closed!!!!
Mi Yeon from 3 musketeers, suk won and his wife (the brother in law) from the mask, the dad from hotel king, the dad (lee Minho's foster dad) from city hunter, Bae soo bin in 49 days and secret, uee in you're beautiful. All I can think of for now.
@kpopandkimchi aww sorry didn't see your comment. Lol
the brother from my love from another star.