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So I saw @KpopGaby and @glostick do this and I thought, what the hell. Why not? xD sorry that is so long..
1) How long have you been a fan of BTS? About 5 months. I wish I had found them sooner!
2) Who was your first bias? Jungkookie
3) Who is your bias now? Jimin is such a jerk. xD He just kinda shoved his way to the top of my bias list, giving me no choice but to accept my fate.
4) Member who you think ruins your bias list. J-Hope. He just pops up everywhere.
5) How long did it take you to learn their names? Hmmm.. probably 2 days. For some reason I had the hardest time remembering Jin's name.
6) Have you seen all of their Vlogs? I have seen most of them. I think there are two I haven't.
7) Have you seen all their bombs? yes. they are all amazing.
8) Purchased any merch? Unfortunately not yet... all my kpop merch is GD related.
9) Favorite Predebut song definitely My Graduation and Satoori Rap
10) Favorite song from their 2 Cool 4 Skool album No More Dream
11) Member who you think you share most in common with Definitely Suga well, we are a lot alike
12) Member who seems the most brotherly Jimin. ^w^ J-Hope is also very brotherly.
13) Member with a potential acting career V definitely
14) Favorite stage outfit This one
when I was learning their names for some reason I kept mixing up jin and jungkook... im not sure why but I got it right after a while
Gurl~ how in the world did you have a hard time remembering a 3-lettered name?!?! Wow...(fantastic baby, DANCE WOOOO!) But at least you know his name now, no problemo ^^