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It was a close one, but when it comes down to it, we want to see Black Widow headlining her own film!

Granted, it would be AMAZING. She's brave, intelligent, and she kicks more butt than you'd ever think possible! Thank you to @purplem00n23 @megamind @animechild51 @najalong1998 and everyone else who voted for this amazing character! You're totally right, she does deserve her own film!
(Fanart by nottonyharrison)
Obviously it was pretty close. Hawkeye came in second, and our beloved Spider-Man came in last place. But that's okay! We still love them both.
One day you'll get the movies (and sequels) you deserve! ^_^
@purplem00n23 lol at this point I would literally watch a 2 hour movie of her sitting in her pjs fighting crime on her phone that's how badly I was a Widow movie T_T
yassss!! And so awesome as well!!!
@purplem00n23 me too! Ugh it would be sooooo gooooood
But I want that day to be now!!!!!