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Day 5 and 6-VIXX challenge
I will be attempting to conjoin cards because im so behind...but heres the bright side im an auntie now and now i can understand why leo takes so many pictures of his neice.
But any way Day 5- Fave Era
TBH i love them all, there isn't one i hated.
But i do have my favorites!
My all time favorite is


because who doesn't like long hair leo ^-^ (and flip to the end of the hyde gifs just so i can refresh your mind ;) )
After Hyde I love Error and Voodoo Doll. I seem to like their darker concepts. (error has some of my favorite concept pictures annnd fan taken pictures that i can't stop obsessing over like the blue contacts x.x) Ill show you guys what i mean...I'm not on my phone so i don't have the unwhitewashed ones...
Okay! Day 6- 10 pics/gifs of all six members
Some of them don't have all six but the balloon one just represents them as a whole annndd the first win leo can't be scene cuz hes down.
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You found such great gifs of all six of them ahhhhh I love it!!!! hyde is so great.. .I like their dark concepts best, too!