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I only started reading Death Note after I heard about the movie and its fame. It was such an addicting manga. I spent 2 days reading 108 chapters on my PC, my neck was so sore and it was painful to keep my eyes open. But it was worth it. The first few volumes were readable but the quality of the last ones was unbearable. I could barely read what they were saying and ended up skimming thru it. Nevertheless, it was one of my few favorite shounen manga. The only disappointing was that my favorite character dies :(. It was really upsetting. Just what the heck was the mangaka thinking, how could he let him die just like that. The ending should I put it...It was a satisfied ending yet...not. For the movie I must admit that the CG effect is quite well done. Looks almost like the real thing. The storyline is a bit different from the manga but still keeps most of the original. After watching Battle Royale yesterday, I completely got hooked on Fujiwara Tatsuya. His role as Shuya Nanahara in Battle Royale is the complete opposite of Raito Yagami in Death Note. The first time i saw him was in Sengoku Jieitai. There was something different/interesting about him. Hope to see more of his movies/dramas I was surprised when I found out that Ken'ichi Matsuyama was the one who played the jackass, Aya's crush, in 1 Litre of Tears. He made quite a successful image of L. I was shocked when I saw the poster. It was as if L had stepped out of the manga and became a real, live, in flesh L. Seems like he's more famous than Tatsuya but I still like Tatsuya better.
Death Note 1 and 2 were equally good.
Death Note was so good
Deaht Note ..
I love Death Note