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The first VIXX song I heard was......their debut single, Superhero!!! I was lucky enough to find VIXX back when they were a new group, so I've been able to enjoy all of their comebacks as a fan (yayyyy!!)
It's so weird to go back and watch this song, though....because they seem so much less confident at moments!! I think they've always had something special, but when they perform this song (and other songs) now, they have so much more confidence!!
Well... maybe confidence isn't the right word, but back then they just were doing everything as they, they have a lot more personal expression that shows through!
Like....look at this video of them performing Superhero at a concert just a year after they debuted. It's got a totally different vibe (AKA MORE CONFIDENCE!!) but it's still SOOO VIXX!
They don't perform this song as often anymore since they have sooooo many more songs now, but it's always nice to see :)

Who else loveeeees Superhero?!?!

ME!!! This song just shows how much VIXX has grown as a group and in their confidence. And you really are a lucky duck finding them when they debuted.... xD
@baileykayleen YAYYYYY! I know, I should seriously thank my luck a hundred times a would be so different otherwise :D @StephanieDuong They really have grown so much, though I do wish they would still perform this card more often!!
Meeee! I love this song! Wow, you are lucky to have found them right at the beginning :)