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She's an amazing actress, and she's bringing her talent to Marvel!

You might recognize her from '12 Years a Slave', or any of the other incredible roles she's had during her career (she's won four Emmys and been nominated for an Oscar). While the rest of the cast is also very talented, Woodard is the first with serious credentials like this. Who will she be playing?
Mariah Dillard... a local Harlem politician - and cousin to Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes - who is looking to bring a new era of change to the streets she grew up on.
(Via). The Luke Cage cast is really shaping up! Too bad we won't see them in action for a while... at least Jessica Jones is only a few months away!
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@candyland1986 yeah! They've got some really talented people on board. Which makes me think the script is probably really good. And it sounds like they'll be focusing on different parts of the city than Daredevil (Harlem is pretty far uptown from Hell's kitchen), do you think that means there will be more focus on different communities?
@shannonl5 maybe? I really hope so. I think that would add more to the plot...A more complete picture of that world u know?
@candyland1986 for sure! It was weird to watch Daredevil when I was living in NYC because Hell's Kitchen is actually a really safe neighborhood right now... and it's also not very large. It seemed like if Fisk really wanted to control the city he could have started with a bigger area... then again, if they're planning on building on the different parts of the city that could explain why their scope was so small. They could do a lot of intimate stories on a small scale like that, neighborhood to neighborhood
Lol I went to see some of the places on the show...I was like hmm u know NYC not so bad they could use like 34th st n other places too. That would be good for them to expand neighborhood to neighborhood.
@candyland1986 for sure! I'd love to see them go into Brooklyn or Queens as well. In a lot of neighborhoods there's this stark dividing line between really upscale expensive places and then these really depressed areas, and I feel like they could tell some really interesting stories that could make use of that dynamic