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Thanks @byeolbit for this prompt! It made me want to call in sick and do something really fun tomorrow LOL!
The day would definitely start off with COFFEE and we'd have a serious Rock Paper Scissors battle and we'd catch Leo cheating as usual and so he'd buy for all of us.
Then we'd get on the bus to.....EVERLAND (a theme park in Korea that I reallyreally want to go to)
I'd be with Hyuk and Ken the whole time cause we're awesome and love roller coasters...and we'd spend the whole day torturing Hakyeon.
We'd eat WAY too much pizza for lunch and find a solid napping spot for a post-meal sleep.
Pretty soon Hakyeon looses his mind
and Taekwoon is so done with the theme park so we head to



We dance and sing all night because:

and then...

pass out from too much fun and wake up for waffles at 2am - duh!

And that's my day with VIXX!

Torturing Hakyeon as usual :D

YASSSSS I agree with all of these things hahahahaha can I just come along???
@byeolbit only if im invited to laser tag