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Hi everyone! I'm Alli, nice to meet you! I'm kind of just discovering K-pop... I spend most of my time over in Love & Relationship, but K-pop is just such an awesome Vingle community you can't really help but get sucked in :) Anyway, I've started trying to learn about some of the artists. I heard this song by EXO for the first time today, and it helped me understand some feelings that have been on my mind. So... I wrote a love letter, because I'm sappy like that. Lol. But... I don't know whether I should send it... so I decided to just share it with all of you, and see what you think. Maybe some of you can identify with these feelings.
The song was playing as I wrote, so listen to the song while you read to get the full effect!!
Dear K,
You're far away. A little too far for this to be anything right now. But this morning, when we Skyped, I couldn't believe, yet again, how amazing you are. How we're on the same page about every little thing. I am constantly blown away by you – your intelligence, the way you laugh, the gorgeous lines of your face. And your eyes... I could look into them forever, I think, and be content.
Remember when we stayed up all night, looking at the stars, talking about life and love and the universe? I felt like there wasn't anything else in the world I could possibly need: just you, and the night sky. That moment was perfect. But so is every moment we spend together. Like when we swam in the river, and floated in the summer-warm water as lightning silently flashed in the distance. How afterwards, you drew the lines of my body in your small black notebook as I sat on the dock. How all our conversations last for hours, because there's just so much to say.
It's hard to believe you were still with her, at that time; it felt like you were all mine. But maybe that's why neither of us said what we were feeling. Maybe that's why nothing happened between us before I moved away. And now that you've broken up with her, now that there's a tiny glimmer of hope, I'm left with the knowledge that I am nowhere near you.
Today, you told me you'd still be there when I got back. You told me to pursue my dreams. You said that you were happy for me, proud of me. You said exactly what I needed to hear, as always. But I can't help but wonder if the only place I belong is by your side.
Don't forget me before I can find you again.
I had never heard this before!!! It made me cry!
ooooh i feel.
Oh man...what is this smooth r&b grooving in my ears? Thanks for sharing this gem @allischaaff!
@jeff4122 thanks for the comment :) i'm glad my letter could touch you :)
@ElizabethT Right?!? :(((( it broke my heart :((((